All BIG dreams start with small ideas, and our very idea started back in 2017

All BIG dreams start with small ideas, and our very idea started back in 2017, when a bunch of friends shared a passionate thought of becoming business partners, specifically, for 100% locally produced SOCKS. But, it wasn’t just about getting started, it was about getting started, right! So, we took the time to really understand people’s needs and by choosing to listen to our customers, Kheyoot today, is a proud and internationally successful crafter of socks, spreading joy and empowering people to express themselves with the endless colors and designs we offer

Kheyoot production is reliant upon the best innovative
technologically advanced knitting machines. Our expertise and
wide product range, combined with our innovative thinking and
relentless quest for self-improvement, provide an unbeatable
product quality for the Egyptian market.
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Our drawing and collection are made by experienced and
qualified designers in accor-dance with fashion and trends.
Our team of specialists only develops customized designs and
presents them to you in the direction of your future demand.
Our socks are ironed in custom moulids specially prepared
according to the design features and size of the socks being
created. Our finished products are then passed on to our quality
control team for cross checking, before moving onto the
packaging team. We offer customized packaging to the individual
customer design, again bring your own brand to the completed
items. Our Finished products are then made ready for shipment
and sent for delivery to the customer’s location.
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With our staff’s thorough attention to detail, our finishing
techniques are at your service to meet your expectations. The
nose seams of our socks are finished to the customer’s request.
We can professionally finish our creations in two different design
types, either in customer requirements.





Kheyoot Socks are 100% Cotton Yarn